“Wake up, sleeper, …”

… “rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” – Ephesians 5:14 A lot of these questions are tough to answer personally and truthfully, but I’ll try my best.

Who is Jesus to you?

First of all, Jesus separates Christianity from every other World religion! There is truely no other way to bridge that gap between the divine and the worldly, but to know that a God would love his creation enough to suffer in their place. Often I feel like my connection to Jesus is impersonal, and I say this because it’s hard for me to commit to truths that we call solid ground. I feel like I’ll never fully understand what it was like to pay for my sins, and at other times I’ll feel like I’m the only factor between success and failure in life. God allows me to understand at times, and I’m grateful for his help in learning that a savior like him is much, much more than I ever could have imagined.

What leadership roles have you had in KCF in the past and how have these experiences stretched you?

During the 2016 Winter Term, I got the opportunity to lead Campus Outreach with many of the brothers and sisters in KCF. It was through this experience that God rescued me from digging myself into a much deeper hole. I got the chance to grow through difficult conversations, to listen to a variety of stories, and to see God work in all of the little things. It made me realize that trust and obedience can lead to amazing things, even in the midst of struggles and doubt.

How do you live out your faith on a daily basis and what are your experiences in sharing the gospel with others?

Faith without works is meaningless. I think the times I struggle to live out my faith is when I lack confidence in my abilities, or when I get distracted by other things. I’m currently on a year bible plan that keeps me accountable, but I feel like it’s difficult to live out a life of constant prayer. Whether or not it’s blatantly obvious, I know my life has changed a lot in the past couple years and I just hope that I can credit more of that to God! I consider myself fairly comfortable with sharing the Gospel, and I think being able to listen is the most valuable skill to have, so I’m learning how to hear out every person’s story. I love it when people are open to discussion on religious topics, so it’s not an area I tend to stay away from.

Think back to some of your recent interactions with peers and authority figures. Describe your responses/tendencies in situations of tension or conflict.

The most recent conflict I had had a lot to do with my tendency to want to be right, and how I stick to topics that I feel uncomfortable about. I can feel very strongly about my own opinions, and it’s usually when these conversations arise that I lean more toward a legalistic side. I’m usually very unconfrontational which keeps me in the bad habit of keeping it to myself, so I’ve actually only had one argument with a friend face to face.

How do you spend time with God, how do you stay consistent during the busy times of life?

Every term usually gets pretty busy but it’s mostly due to spending time with KCF, which can lead to spending less quiet time as a result. I think I’ve been caught up in those kinds of cycles quite a few times just because it’s so easy to say yes to everything, but I’m thankful to be reminded that my own relationship with God still needs to be built. While reading the Bible was never been my favorite activity, I think recently, through studying passages more thoroughly and typing out my thoughts, I’ve come to enjoy it. I think it’s so meaningful to know that it is the word of God, and that God will speak to me through it.

What are your strengths and weaknesses and how will being on exec aid in your growth?

I think a lot of my strengths and weaknesses are combined into my personality, and often go both ways. I would describe myself as a very scheduled and logical thinker, which usually shows in anything I lead or plan. Often I put a lot of emphasis on myself, and how others could be doing a lot more to be prepared but aren’t, and it’s easy to burn out once I start thinking that way. While these things aren’t specific to being an exec, I hope that this experience can teach me how to be a better servant, how to love others more, and how to receive that love in return.

Finally done these questions, that took a lot longer than I expected. There’s no particular reason for me putting this on my blog, I just think it’s interesting and theresnothing to be ashamed of so why not 🙂

Michael “Why are Exec Applications so long” Ru


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