Shoulder Check

I’m going to do a normal blog post for once just to talk about how things are going and how my week has been. Almost 3 weeks into lent and it’s been a great experience for me, I guess the highlight has been that this is the first time I’ve actually found the bible … interesting. That sounds terrible but it’s honestly never been something I look forward to, just something that I read for the sake of it.

I’m also on day 327 of my 1 Year reading plan, so I’m glad I get to finish it with the right attitude! I just hope when I read it the second time around I can catch more details.

Work hasn’t been bad either, I’ve been working on a personal project for the company that’s a lot more interesting then the work they provide, but once that’s finished I’m hoping the work term will pretty much be done. Not really anything else going on at the workplace though.

This past Friday we had a joint large group with the other fellowships on campus, which is actually where I took the blog post picture from! It was so well prepared, mainly by the Chinese fellowship and this other one called Power2Change. What ended up happening was around 70 of us went out to share the gospel on campus for an hour in the middle which was a ridiculous experience, together we were able to cover most of the campus nearby. It was a beautiful to see in the midst of the partying on St. Patrick’s day. I came back late so I was able to take this picture!

I am still lacking in prayer and I think it’s mainly because I’m so tired by the time the day is over that I just lie down and forget about it. I’m super grateful with what’s been going on so far but I want to be able to enjoy more alone time in prayer. If you could pray for that that would be awesome 🙂

Michael “Almost there” Ru


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