Shoulder Check

Cover photo is like .. opposite of my life right now 😥

Ended up going to Toronto this weekend, so I didn’t have much free time the most part. This week is pretty hectic as well, seeing as all our fellowship activities are coming to an end and we’re having a Banquet on Friday! Won’t have much time to post at all so I thought I’d wrap up my plans for the coming week.

Recently, I’ve been fascinated by some of Paul’s letters and I feel like I’m trying to cram in devotional time anywhere I can find space for it. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to do this next term, especially with my school schedule, but I’m hoping it’ll work out in one way or another. I’m taking 3 labs next term and my schedule looks terrible …

Once finals season starts for everyone else, I think I’m gonna hold a bible study beside our study room in the evenings! I’m kind of excited for that too, though I don’t exactly know what I want to do yet 🙂 Need to pray more about this! .. and just more in general.

Hoping to do Monday/Wednesday/Friday for finals, so 6 sessions total.

No time to blog tomorrow but will finish the 2 Corinthians study on Wednesday, Thursday will depend on if I’m going shopping for banquet clothes in the evening! Once the weekend hits I’ll be back to a normal schedule …

Michael “Lowkey just need to survive this week” Ru




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