Last Post before the Break!

I haven’t posted for a while and probably won’t be, especially with the end of the term coming up. There’s been a lot of things to finish and it’s been pretty busy doing them! The only thing I’m planning to write in the next couple weeks is my work term report 😉

My laptop is actually out of battery and it’s pretty brutal typing this out on my phone, but hey, it’s worth a shot right? Auto-correct don’t fail me now!

With the passing of resurrection Sunday, lent is over! Yes, I’m guilty as well of spending the last couple days catching up on my YouTube subscriptions and playing games. My bible plan is wrapping up as well, it actually finishes on Thursday  (2 more days). First read through of the bible? Check! Only took me a year and 10 months …

It’s been a long journey! These past two months have especially been a unique experience and I hope it carries on into the future. Admittedly, I’m not as psyched about reading the bible as I was a month ago, but I never really expected that to stay the same (I can only Hope!). Partially, I have realized that God gave me something so good when I needed it, and Paul’s writings were able to spark something in my mind to help me realize how beautiful and intricate the bible is.

After all of this, I can only say I will be doing this again for sure.

I hope I don’t limit myself to just the 47 days before Easter, but that I can challenge myself with the sole motivation of knowing God better. Let us stay strong in God’s word as something that we can truly hold onto as good news, that we can understand the depths of the scripture and never stop in our pursuit.

I will be praying for this final week and the spring break that God will continue to work in amazing ways.

With that said, this will be my final regular post! I have had a lot of fun with this blog and I may post once and a while, but it takes so much time to write and I won’t be able to invest that kind of time with my upcoming school term. It was worth every second and I regret none of it.

Thank you for a few of you that checked in once and a while for support, it has been appreciated.

God is good 🙂 God bless y’all!

Michael Ru


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