Trying to be creative …

The taillights flickered as I walked by in the parking lot. Unconcerned. Waiting for my car to beep as I pressed the remote, until I stopped to realize this was, in fact, my car. Dead battery. Not enough left to light the dashboard. So I ask myself … Why now God, why now? Frustration casts a deceptively large shadow. There was […]

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Biblical Boastin’ – 2 Cor 12

Part one and two if you’re interested. In chapter 10, Paul defends both the intentions of his ministry, and the difference in his communication styles; in chapter 11, Paul follows up with a commentary on his life where he presents himself as a fool to build his point. We end up with a couple criteria on […]

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Biblical Boastin’ – 2 Cor 11

You can read part one here! The last chapter left out some details so it was hard to see what was going on in the church of Corinth, if there was conflict, or what Paul was trying to accomplish in boasting. This chapter will give us some more insight; we just need to find it in this mess. Again, I tried to pick […]

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