Biblical Boastin’ – 2 Cor 11

You can read part one here! The last chapter left out some details so it was hard to see what was going on in the church of Corinth, if there was conflict, or what Paul was trying to accomplish in boasting. This chapter will give us some more insight; we just need to find it in this mess. Again, I tried to pick […]

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Shoulder Check

Cover photo is like .. opposite of my life right now 😥 Ended up going to Toronto this weekend, so I didn’t have much free time the most part. This week is pretty hectic as well, seeing as all our fellowship activities are coming to an end and we’re having a Banquet on Friday! Won’t have much […]

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Biblical Boastin’ – 2 Cor 10

This will be a multi-part series because after I finished writing this, I realized the next 2 Chapters discuss boasting as well. (Sorry if you don’t like Paul as much as I do LOL) One characteristic of Paul throughout the letters is his confidence! He says things with such boldness and makes very specific statements (2 […]

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Context First – Luke 11:28

Update: Looks like they removed the verse! Here’s the link to their blog. YouVersion – The Bible App sent everyone this ad, they sent it to you too if you’re still subscribed to email notifications! The Alexa looks like a voice controlled speaker and there’s also an app that can hook up straight to your bible. […]

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Context First – Matthew 5:33-37

During the Men’s small group today we came across the topic of promises, and someone said that we should never make promises because we have no way of making sure they take place. Lying is bad, but did Jesus actually tell us to never make promises? As always, context first! … This is said during Jesus’ Sermon […]

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To the churches of Galatia …

Amongst all the other letters, Paul’s letter to the Galatians really stuck out to me. I was planning on discussing this letter for small group but had a change of heart, so now I’m throwin’ it here! Paul is showing his concern to a people that are having trouble walking in the spirit, and he clearly […]

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