Context First – Luke 11:28

Update: Looks like they removed the verse! Here’s the link to their blog. YouVersion – The Bible App sent everyone this ad, they sent it to you too if you’re still subscribed to email notifications! The Alexa looks like a voice controlled speaker and there’s also an app that can hook up straight to your bible. […]

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Context First – Matthew 5:33-37

During the Men’s small group today we came across the topic of promises, and someone said that we should never make promises because we have no way of making sure they take place. Lying is bad, but did Jesus actually tell us to never make promises? As always, context first! … This is said during Jesus’ Sermon […]

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Context First – Matthew 18:20

Last Friday at our Joint Fellowship night the person that opened us up in prayer said something that I found a bit distracting. I totally understand where he was coming from and what his intentions were, but I’m just naturally picky with biblical references. He used Matthew 18:20 as a verse of fellowship in numbers, thanking God […]

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